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Automation Services

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Monthly, bi-weekly schedules for Automation Services

Please include the ability to create monthly and bi-weekly schedules in Automation Services via the Spotfire Server web UI. Currently, there is only the ability to create daily or weekly schedules.
almost 5 years ago in Spotfire / Automation Services 15 Planning to implement
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Email alerts when Automation Services jobs fail

I am requesting a push system to alert when an automated services job fails. In Microsoft SQL Server, I get email alerts when SQL Server Agent jobs fail. When you have a system sending out data, and that system fails, I normally learn about it 1 h...
over 6 years ago in Spotfire / Automation Services 4 Planning to implement

IronPython Tasks in Automation Services

Execute IronPython scrips as tasks in Automation Services. Will allow a wide range of flexibility in how data pipelines are managed, how visualizations are displayed between tasks, and much, much more automation
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / Automation Services 0 Planning to implement

Add Python scripting modules as a standard Add-in in the Automation services capabilities

Python scripts can execute on an analysis, but will not execute on that analysis when called via automation services. While it is possible to manually add the components to the Automation service, they should be enabled by default. Manual work aro...
over 7 years ago in Spotfire / Automation Services 1 Planning to implement