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Web Traffic Template

Maybe it's existing but i couldn't find it. Would it be possible to create a Web Traffic Template that could read directly basic data from Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics? Like analyzing bounce rate, new visitors, total visits, conversions etc...
4 months ago in Spotfire / Learning 0 Future Consideration

Create Learning Path + Videos to onboard people already using other softwares

Build up a learning plan for people already using other softwares, something like this : Would help a lot people who are let's say heavily using PowerBI and Tableau start consideri...
9 months ago in Spotfire / Learning 0 Future Consideration

Learning Paths (Different Levels)

It would be great to have a compilation of learning resources for different levels of Spotfire knowledge. Many people (not say everyone of us) that work with Spotfire have developed the knowledge empirically...with no official trainig Like a virtu...
9 months ago in Spotfire / Learning 1 Future Consideration