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Enable `search-query` parameter in `delete-library-versions` CLI to accept multiple values

Per reference , the delete-library-versions CLI has a parameter search-query. Currently, it doesn't support searching for multiple file types using a single command - e.g., --search-query="item_type::sbdf OR "item_type::dxp". Enabling the said par...
3 months ago in Spotfire / Library 0 Already exists

show point as other shapes in addition to circle in map chart's feature layer

Customer would like to show point as other shapes(e.g. star, rectangle, triangle,etc) in addition to circle in map chart's feature layer, which is from a shape file that contains point data.
7 months ago in Spotfire / Maps 3 Already exists

Enable pass-through authentication on web player for data sources using Windows Authentication.

For users who are connected to a database using windows authentication, when their report is published to the server, only those with access to the data source will be able to open the report. This way, the security is only implemented on the data...
7 months ago in Spotfire / Data Access 5 Already exists

sign spk with code signing certificates only existing in OS's certificate store

Due to regulation change by the CA/Browser Forum, code signing certificates issued by a CA (e.g. Sectigo) is shipped in a HSM (USB drive) and only available as an entity in the OS's certificate store on which the HSM is plugged in. The code signin...
8 months ago in Spotfire / API 2 Already exists

Add remove-member command line

Hello Team, Is it possible to get the below feature back it seems it was there previous version but no longer in version 12 to use the command line for removing user membership from groups only add-member is there. it makes us easy to automate the...
9 months ago in Spotfire / System Administration 2 Already exists

trigger mod visualization to redraw when document properties is changed.

We know that if document property is referenced by a built-in visualization(e.g. bar chart), when the value of the document property changes, the visualization is rendered automatically to reflect the new value. One of our customers wants this beh...
11 months ago in Spotfire / Mods 1 Already exists

Making duplicated sheets independent

When duplicating sheets, the text areas becomes duplicated and change in one will affect others. However, it would be great to make it possible to make them independent
12 months ago in Spotfire / Text Area 5 Already exists

Parsing Spotfire logs into JSON format

Due to the containerized Sportfire and integration with several performance managerment systems, would be easier to parse the logs into json format.
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / System Administration 2 Already exists

Display server info on Windows title bar

Goal Identify server info for current session without having to go User > My Account. For example, display info on Windows title bar.
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / User Experience 2 Already exists

Position the legend above or below the graph

Position of the legend above or below the graph, to be able to take better advantage of the spaces in the visualization.
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / Visualization 1 Already exists