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Library items are not protected from the Administrator users

Currently, in the Spotfire Library, our clients store their Analysis files in a folder which is not visible to other clients (i.e. users) because the owner of the folder is the user themselves. However, if we, as a developer, log in with Administr...
about 5 years ago in Spotfire / Library 0 Future Consideration

API to extract the data table dependencies

Need an API to extract/update the graph of dependencies between the diffrerent data tables in Spotfire 10.10.x. I need to know the order of refresh/reload of the different data tables in a document. We created a custom data source that loads data ...
almost 3 years ago in Spotfire / Library 2 Unlikely to implement

Add list-library-content as administration command

Ability to list library content to use for CICD related tasks, this list/verify if the source/destination content/structure exists. Listing should have the same parameters like item-type in export-library-command so you can list specific items lik...
over 2 years ago in Spotfire / Library 0 Future Consideration

Web Landing page customization for groups within Spotfire

Customers are asking for customized web landing pages for each group within Spotfire server. For example, the landing page for a financial department would have their team charter and links to their dashboards.
almost 3 years ago in Spotfire / Library 0 Future Consideration

Spotfire Analyst - Copy Library item ID from Library Administration contextual menu / function bar

Having a "Copy Library Item ID" from the contextual menu (1) in the Library Administration tool would be great to get a faster way than possible now. Eventually, the possibility to add the same function in the area with the other library actions a...
over 2 years ago in Spotfire / Library 0 Future Consideration

Ability to get meta information from template/Analysis without the need to open it ...

We need an API that takes as input a DXP file path and returns information about its meta structure (like, table names, filtering names, bookmark names ... ) without the need to fully open the template. We built a custom Job in Automation Services...
over 6 years ago in Spotfire / Library 4 Future Consideration

Public sharing for teams on TIBCO Cloud Spotfire

We have a team that creates sample applications that they want to share publicly on our website with requiring viewers to log in. Today teams can share applications with a group of named users and individual users can save applications to a public...
over 5 years ago in Spotfire / Library 1 Future Consideration

Ability to store / retrieve R objects from Spotfire library

Sometimes we need a way to store and access R objects directly into a Spotfire DXP. The R objects can be predictive models that have been developed by others in a different DXP. Right now, the only way to get an R object into a DXP is by reading i...
over 8 years ago in Spotfire / Library 2 Future Consideration

Ability to export search results from Library Search

After having done a Library search (e.g. in Analyst > Tools menu > Library Administration), sometimes I would like to be able to export the search results, for further analysis or logging.
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / Library 0 Future Consideration

Choose Library Import/Export Location

When we export data from the library, the only option is to export it to a server-wide set location. We would like the option to point the export to a different location individually for each export. This would better allow access the export locat...
about 7 years ago in Spotfire / Library 4 Future Consideration