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Create SDMS Approval Workflows

It would be very helpful if we could have workflows to approve objects in Statistica Enterprise that would support multiple users reviewing/approving an object. A couple of enhancements to SDMS that might allow this: Create a separate Statistica E...
almost 4 years ago in Spotfire Statistica 2 To be Reviewed

Add options to adjust workspace node icon and name size (or workspace scaling in general)

Workspace with a lot of nodes are sometimes confusing to hande, for those it would be helpful to adjust scaling or change the size of node (and their titles) to get a better overview of the workflow.
5 months ago in Spotfire Statistica 0 To be Reviewed

Ability to retrieve Workspace Annotations in Object Summary report or SVB for auditing.

When we go to audit our workspaces we use some summary reports to quickly retrieve some portions of a workspace for quick auditing purposes. Would it be possible to add workspace annotations to summary reports, or at least make them retrievable th...
over 2 years ago in Spotfire Statistica 0 Future Consideration

Improved user interface for nodes

Statistica could benefit from a reorganization of its nodes. While much functionality is available, it is difficult for a new user to use the current node browser (if they do not know which algorithm they will use yet) or navigate through the tabs...
6 months ago in Spotfire Statistica 0 To be Reviewed

Statistica should be certified for use with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is now established as an enterprise database platform. It's offered under a very liberal license similar to BSD or MIT, meaning that it can be used without charge, even for commercial endeavors. Suppose you were supporting a Statistica ...
over 1 year ago in Spotfire Statistica 0 To be Reviewed

Enable Statistica to detect and execute R and Python environments from a central location

To successfully implement R or Python scripts across the Statistica Enterprise platform, separate environments for R and Python must be maintained on all, workstation PCs, the Enterprise servers (potentially including servers for MAS and WebStatis...
about 6 years ago in Spotfire Statistica 0 Future Consideration

define a default domain name for the document approval in SDMS/Enterprise Manager

For windows standard users, it is very strange to enter the username with prefixed domain
over 4 years ago in Spotfire Statistica 1 To be Reviewed

Include more details behind the "Missing Monitor ID" error in WebStatistica

When certain reports/analyses fail in WebStatistica, a "Missing Monitor ID" error is returned. However, this error message is so generic that it does not help understand why the report/analysis failed. Could this error be expanded upon so it's mor...
over 1 year ago in Spotfire Statistica 0 Future Consideration

Web Data Entry: Have an Upload option in Data Entry for Data entry users to be able to upload data from a Statistica Spreadsheet to a Data Entry setup

We have developed custom scripts in the past for this functionality, and this use case seems to come up quite a bit in support as well. If we can have an upload samples from spreadsheet option in Data Entry portal, it may be useful for users who w...
about 4 years ago in Spotfire Statistica 0 Future Consideration

adding an option to create a complete contribution matrix to MSPC deployment

It would be great if MSPC deployment node offers a table output for the complete contribution of the variables. Currently this is possible only via selecting the time point and the latent variable. It is possible via SVB with for loops, but they a...
about 4 years ago in Spotfire Statistica 0 To be Reviewed