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Created on Feb 6, 2016

Display column properties dynamically for all columns in visualizations

As an author, I want to display column properties in the headers of cross tables to be able to display that additional data for each column.

Example goal:
Column Name, MyProperty, Aggregated_Value
Col1, property_value_for_Col1, xxx
Col2, property_value_for_Col2, xxx
Col3, property_value_for_Col3, xxx
Col4, property_value_for_Col4, xxx

These options work to display a value in the visualization, but they need to reference the property of only a single specific column (using "Insert Properties" button or Right Click > "Insert as value") and do not dynamically show the property value for each column (note a single column name is explicitly entered here):

* Cell Values: Sum([myDataColumn])
* Horizontal Axis: (None)
* Vertical Axis:
** {code}{code}
** {code}{code}

There is currently no way to dynamically reference a column property for all columns shown (if there are multiple columns displayed in the cell values like: Sum([myDataColumn]), Sum([myDataColumn2]))

The only option I can think of currently is to update the column name with the property value itself. For example, an IronPython script like this appends the value in "myCustomProperty" to the column name resulting in a column name like: "originalName (valueOfMyCustomProperty) ". This would allow you display both the original column name and the custom property value in the cross table header.
for col in mydatatable.Columns:
col.Name = col.Name + " (" + col.Properties["myCustomProperty"] + ")"

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