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Status Implemented
Product Spotfire
Categories Maps
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 6, 2016

Function for generating a shape representing distance from point on a sphere (useful also for almost-spherical things such as the Earth)

(Inspired by support case TS-41843, where the customer seems to have drawn a plain 2D circle in the hope that that would represent "100 miles away from a specific point", which it doesn't.)

I would like to have a function which e.g. using good enough monte carlo sampling generates a geometric shape that corresponds to a certain distance away from a point on a sphere.


I would like to have a new map layer type, which draws (in an optionally semi-transparent fashion) the area / shape corresponding to a certain distance from a point on a sphere.

In the support case, the customer wanted a black line (_almost_ a circle) to indicate the distance "100 miles away from a certain point".
Implemented in 7.6
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