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Product Spotfire
Categories Scripting
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 30, 2016

Better development support for IronPython scripts

Spotfire provides a very rudimentary Notepad-like environment to create IronPython scripts. There is no Development Environment (IDE) integrated into Spotfire that would support the user in developing the code. 

If you start writing your code you always have to look up the details in the Spotfire API and .NET API, which is a very cumbersome task. 

As a workaround you could use VisualStudio on the side to get support there.

Goal would be to have a real IDE for IronPython within the Spotfire client.

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  • Guest
    Sep 16, 2017

    Especially help learning the api! One feature in many products is to record a script automatically based on user input through the menu system. cf Excel's visual basic recorder.


Full IDE for Iron Python Scripting in the Professional Client

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Add Intellisense to IronPython Script Editor

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