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Categories Scheduled Updates
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 12, 2016

Scheduled Updates Priority Grouping

In 7.5, we can enter a Priority value for each scheduled update Rule. The list is sequential, with 0 the highest value. Let's say I have 20 analysis files prioritized from 0-19. I add a new analysis, and it's the most important analysis ever and must be top priority, so I make it priority 0. All the others get bumped down: 0 becomes 1, 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3, etc.

It's a huge improvement from prior versions where you had to nudge Scheduled Update items up or down the list with arrow icons to set their priority.

But ... I'd really like to be able to group items by priority. I want to set all of my most top priority analyses as Priority 0. Then set a group of second-tier analyses as Priority 1. All the rest can be Priority 2.

Priority Grouping would make prioritizing analyses much easier, and would help me when working with users on prioritizing their analysis caching. I could have just 5 priority groups, instead of asking if their's is the 1st most important, or 14th, or 27th, or 41st, or 65th.

Filing this as "nice to have." Prioritizing in 7.5 is a huge leap forward, thank you for that improvement.

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