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Created on Aug 18, 2016

Save javascripts/ironpython scripts to library

Currently when I'm using a javascript/ironpython script in multiple reports i've to insert a new script again. Also when changing them I need to change them in all the different reports. Please make it possible to save the scripts in the library and refer to these scripts so that I can easily reuse and change the scripts in multiple reports.

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  • Guest
    Jun 22, 2018

    I actually have a solution to this problem for python scripts in the current version of spotfire. 

  • Guest
    May 31, 2017
    Is it possible to update the IronPython script from the library without copy and pasting the code?
    I want to write a code that will update another IronPython script in a dashboard. The update must overwrite the entire script with code available on the repository. Can someone let me know if this feature is available? The version I am using is
  • Guest
    Sep 14, 2016

    Yes!  We can save data functions, so why not Iron Python scripts? In many cases, the script deals with customized Spotfire client behavior, which we want to reuse. This makes such reuse much more advantageous. 


Method/Tool to automatically update script and document property in multiple dashboard

We have around 50+ dashboards which share some common python script/JS Script/ Document property. In case there is some minor changes in script we have to do manual task to open each dashboard and update same individually. Is there any Method or t...
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export IronPython/JavaScript to file or library

Customer wants to export IronPython/JavaScript to file or library, in order to manage the versions of the scripts.
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Javascript and Ironpython library

It could be really usefull for collaboration to take place a Javascript and ironpython library in order to share and to reference javascripts or ironpython scripts (same as Datafunction library).Access of a ironpython and javascript in a searching...
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