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Status Likely to implement
Product Spotfire
Categories Automation Services
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 16, 2018

Set timezone for automation jobs in logs

When you look at the running and finished automation jobs the time they ran / are running is shown as UTC, if you hover over the number it shows the offset to your local time. There should be an option to enable a custom timezone or your local time as well since this is the only point where the UTC time is used.

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  • Guest
    May 22, 2018

    The timestamps in the activity view are shown in the locale timezone set on the system or browser. 

    If you change the timezone on your browser to something other than UTC, then that's the timestamps that'll be shown in the Activity view.


    Try installing a plugin like "Change Timezone" in google chrome and change the timezone and refresh the page, and you'll see the timestamps update to whatever timezone you set.