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Product Spotfire
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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 10, 2021

Bring back option to have the file name as part of the file URL

Prior to Spotfire version 11.4, when you saved a file to the library, the resulting file URL had the option to have the name of the file as part of the URL. In v11.4, it's a string of letters and numbers which makes it impossible to tell what file it is at a glance and no option to include the file name in the URL. Now, there's no way to know what file a URL relates to without opening it first. Is it possible to bring back the option to include the file name in the URL?

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  • Admin
    Miguel Díez
    Nov 17, 2021

    Hi Cathy,

    One of the reasons behind this decision is that quite often the file name changes, leaving that link useless.

    Another reason is that using the filename is considered a security risk, since you may not want to disclose information from the path/filename when sharing the link, and neither make easy to guess the url for an attacker.

    Most actors providing cloud services use unique IDs in form of hashes for identifying their resources that are user generated (documents, diagrams, spreadsheets,...).

    I hope this clarifies why we took this decision.