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Created on Feb 8, 2022

Ability to change the shape scheme for O&G wells

Hi, one of the first things I noticed of the Spotfire maps when trying to use it on the O&G industry, is that it does not have the capability to visualize the wells per their fluid types / current status. It would be great to have the option to change the "wellhead" which we currently see by default as a circle with the standard O&G symbol convention. (I'm attaching an image of this symbol convention for reference)

Why is useful: Because it allows you to rapidly see where are the producers versus the dry wells within your fields, it allows you to see if they are producing versus injecting.. if the production is gas or oil. It allows you to quickly spot dry areas or where completion has not been successful.

Who would benefit from it: Maps with these symbols are widely used in this industry. It would benefit the petroleum engineers, the managers, the field supervisors, the geologists, and the geophysics.

How should it work: They way it should work is that the data coming from SQL and/or other data sources already has a column of values that indicates the type of production: for example "oil" or "gas" or maybe "water injector", "dry" .. so when the map is created in Spotfire using the latitude and longitude information it should either automatically detect this column and assigns the symbol to the "wellhead" in the map, or at least the user could have the option to activate the convention of symbols bssed on this column of values.

In other words, the "shape scheme" within the marker layer settings in the Spotfire maps should have the option to add these symbols manually or the immediate option to activate it. (image 2 for reference). I do see the option to use a column of values in the settings, but as you can see in the image of reference none of these symbols are the same as the ones in the O&G standard.

As an example of how the map would look like , I'm attaching two other images.


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  • Guest
    Oct 14, 2022

    We have another customer who asked for the ability to upload a custom Marker shape as well. For instance, replacing the arrow with icon of truck.