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Created by Guest
Created on Apr 21, 2022

Provide the same figure formatting properties in web viewer/MacOS client as in the desktop application

I used Spotfire extensively at my former job, and I am a huge fan. But, at my new job, I am trying to prepare a demo for a team that is mostly composed of Mac users, and the MacOS/web client version does not have the same options available under "Properties". This is something that is making us LESS likely to purchase Spotfire because extensive figure customization options is one of the main reasons we were considering Spotfire in the first place.

For example, on a bar chart visualization:

  1. The Lines and Curves menu is missing. This is one of the most useful features in the desktop version.

  2. In the "Category Axis" and "Value Axis" menus, I cannot enable "show gridlines" on a figure.

  3. In the "Calculated Column" menu, I don't see the searchable list of available functions and their documentation.

I am sure I will find more if I look more closely, but at the very least items 1&2 would help significantly for me to make the case for adoption among MacOS users.

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