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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Maps
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 19, 2022
Merged idea

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Allow for map zoom past 100ft Merged

We have a strong need to zoom into our high resolution imagery (WMS) to see the details on the ground.

Some background:

Map charts are made up of tiles, which are stored in an AWS instance. If you watch the map chart when you zoom in or out occasionally you'll see a grid appear. When you zoom in each tile is broken up into four smaller tiles, then each of those is broken up into four smaller tiles, and so on. (Zooming out will see four tiles replaced by one larger tile). The 100 ft limitation is because those are the smallest tiles we have made available. If you want to zoom in farther than that you may need to find your own source of map tiles.

From Spotfire support:

[Question]:Is there a setting within the Spotfire client that will allow us to change the zoom scale for us to fit larger (higher pixel density) map formats?
[Support]: No, We don't have any setting in the Spotfire to configure the zoom ratios.


Ability to zoom further on a map

The zooming ability in maps of Spotfire is not sufficient. We have 1 point per square meter. We would like to be able to zoom further to separate these points.
5 months ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 Future Consideration