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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories User Experience
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 20, 2023

Import Template for Data Files

When importing many files with the same format, it would be helpful for the "Import Settings" window to have an option to apply formatting corrections to all files queued as a template. Ideally, this template could be saved.

An example would be when importing a .csv file that has two "Name rows" as headers, a user could make the correction once and bring in each file under that import structure rather than having to mark the second row for each individual file.

Users without significant IT support or coding support would benefit greatly since this improvement would significantly cut down time spent on redundant operations to import large blocks of data. Many users receive data files with identical formatting over extended periods of time.

Tableau has a pre-processing function to do this and adding an import template would give that functionality to Spotfire.

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