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Status To be Reviewed
Product Spotfire
Categories Data Functions
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 1, 2024

Possibility to enable (and restrict) Spotfire Analyst Python and TERR packages to use a customer-defined repository of packages.

Representing requests from multiple of our customers, we strongly advocate for a solution to requests for the following additional capability (ies) in Spotfire:

  • As a visual data scientist, i want to make sure to use only Python packages in my data functions which have been officially approved by my employer. I do not want to be restricted to a specific fixed set of packages (like what I would get in an SPK), but those packages that I DO use should be in line with my companys regulations and policies - and I do not want to have the responsibility of deciding that myself.

  • As a compliance officer or manager I want to ensure that my users do not download and use unknown software packages from any mirror, where I do not have any control or pre-screening-option. I need to ensure that our Spotfire users only use packages that are known to my department and have been OKd to be used.

  • As a clinical or research data science manager, I need to ensure that my Spotfire Analyst users create their data functions with the same approved packages and functionality, and do not wildly deviate from each other. I want to make sure that whatever is used, cannot come from any other source than our companys´ repository.

Ideally those would be configurable as "optional", but also centrally enforceable.

Thanks - Harald / Revvity Signals Research & Clinical Analytics Services

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