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Created on Apr 10, 2024

Enable `search-query` parameter in `delete-library-versions` CLI to accept multiple values

Per reference, the delete-library-versions CLI has a parameter search-query.

Currently, it doesn't support searching for multiple file types using a single command - e.g., --search-query="item_type::sbdf OR "item_type::dxp".

Enabling the said parameter to accept more than one value as argument simplifies related scripting.

    Apr 15, 2024

    Hi Ivan,

    Complex expressions are allowed by surrounding the expression within quotes.

    Please, check your expression and try it again with correct quoting, like for example:

    --search-query="item_type::sbdf OR item_type::dxp".

    If you have more questions regarding this feature you are welcome to create a support ticket.


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