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Status Unlikely to implement
Product Spotfire
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 13, 2024

Request support for various versions of Linux OS

Customers have an increasing variety of OS choices, but the requirements suggested by Spotfire are somewhat restrictive.

In the case of Amazon Linux, its internal engine is based on Red Hat, yet it is not supported, which customers find difficult to understand. It would be appreciated if you could provide support to allow for more flexible OS choices.
    Jun 25, 2024

    Could you list the OS you would like to see as supported and WHY is the reason you can not use an already supported OS?

    These are a couple of questions I often get, and here are the answers I use:

    Why don't we support XYZ distro?

    There are many, many GNU/Linux distros.

    Any software product needs to limit the amount of supported distros to those that are relevant for their customer base and intended usage.

    In Spotfire, our focus is on enterprise customers, providing powerful self-service analytics for data-intensive businesses.

    Therefore, our focus is on a short-list of stable, secure, extendable distros, commonly used for enterprise environments.

    Can I use XYZ distro? Can I write a support ticket for XYZ distro?

    You might use another GNU/Linux distribution. There are many distros based on Debian/Ubuntu, and many that are "binary compatible" with RHEL.

    You probably just need to follow Spotfire instructions to find the required dependencies for that specific distro (and, from ther, maybe check also the specific distro and .NET instructions for some of the Spotfire services).

    Note, however, that we provide support only for the Operating System (OS) listed in the Spotfire System Requirements.

    In other words, if you have an issue with a non supported OS, you can try to reproduce it on a supported OS and, only then, write a support ticket for that issue on a supported OS.

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