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Add USA Township and Range Feature Layers

Currently, Spotfire has built-in state and county feature layers. Request adding township and range feature layers.
about 1 month ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 Future Consideration

Reset button on Image Layer settings from Map chart should use image dimensions

The image layer should be set to the image dimensions when using the reset button specially if the coordinate reference system is set to none. The reset button works as expected when the marker layer is unchecked, or the position marker settings (...
3 months ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 Future Consideration

Map Label Format

Giving users to format further maps like in other visualization would allow more flexibility. If i would like to show % on a map, one needs to calculate a new column in order to duplicate the targeted column format it in %. This makes it quite hea...
3 months ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 Future Consideration

Export Map Components only (Polygons,Markers,Vectors,Labels etc...)

Today when we export a map, we also export the default white background that goes with it. As a result, maps can only be nicely incorporated easily in some presentations when white isn't an issue. Having the possibility to export only the map comp...
3 months ago in Spotfire / Export / Maps 0 Future Consideration

Completely hide polygon border when thickness is set to zero

Scenario Geometry (polygons) data plotted in Map Chart with polygon border weight set to zero. Expected: homogeneous display of polygon. Reality: discrete polygons still visible. Please refer to attached .png. Solution Per Tibco Support Case #0224...
4 months ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 Future Consideration

Increase Zooming details

Currently, the zooming ability in maps of Spotfire is not sufficient : we have 1 point per square meter. We would like to be able to zoom further to separate those points.
5 months ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 Future Consideration

Custom orientation of labels

In the oil and gas space, horizontal wells are typically oriented north-south, lateral lengths are typically 2 miles long, and interwell spacing is typically 1/4 mile. Wells are mostly drilled from a common surface pad location (making placing lab...
6 months ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 Future Consideration

adjust polygon border line style

Customer is asking for the capability to adjust polygon border line style, e.g. dotted line / dash, etc, in addition to currently available border weight and border color, in feature layer of map chart.
7 months ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 Future Consideration

Move points on map with a click and drag

Say you have a number of points on a map, in this case representing a hypothetical wellbore as an example. It would be amazing if you could click a point and move it in space. We’ve built a well planning app in spotfire and need the ability to mov...
8 months ago in Spotfire / Maps / Mods 1 Future Consideration

Polygon marking in maps and scatterplots

Sometimes I like to mark data in a polygon shape. I use Spotfire's Lasso marking for this, which is nice, but in some cases it would have been easier to make exact markings using a polygon marking mode to exactly click on the points of the polygon.
10 months ago in Spotfire / Maps 1 Future Consideration