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Generate a distributable file (.sdn) containing other product distributables (.sdn)

We have several products, each one has a distributable file (.sdn) generated with the package builder including spk files. We want to generate a bundle including several of these products. it could be a good feature, to generate a new distributabl...
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / Actions 0 Implemented

Marking as precondition for Cloud Action in Spotfire

Our typical use cases for Cloud Actions is based on certain data is marked in the visualization and for this data the Cloud Action should be triggered. In this context is would be important, if a Cloud Action button/context menu could be disabled/...
almost 2 years ago in Spotfire / Actions 0 Implemented

Simplify the use of actions specifically for Spotfire Cloud

Provide the ability for a business user to be able to trigger an action from a visualisation in Spotfire. Business Case Example: - I have found a deviation in my product returns visualisation and I want to create a product quality case in another ...
almost 7 years ago in Spotfire / Actions / Scripting 1 Implemented