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more functions like Python's for loop

I want to use more variations of functions. For example, like Python's for loop, it would be great to enter a value to each category by calculated columns.
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / Analytics 1 Needs Info

enable to install the specific python library

Sharing of python libraries. when I write a python script in Spotfire and share it to my coworkers, they need to install the python library in each account, and it takes time to deploy, so please make it possible to install the target library smoo...
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / Data Functions 2 Already exists

Override current culture when calculating week numbers

How week number are calculated in Spotfire depends on the current culture/locale settings in Windows. This means that the week number in Spotfire will be different on a US/English version of Windows than it would be on a Swedish version. I want to...
over 8 years ago in Spotfire / Custom Expressions 0 Future Consideration

Show required packages in f(x) flyout

At beginning of flyout, so user does not have to figure out by error and author does not need to enter in description as free text.
almost 2 years ago in Spotfire / Data Functions / User Experience 0 Future Consideration

Import data from multiple excel sheets at once into a single datatable

When an excel file with multiple files have to be imported, it will always allow to choose one sheet at a time to create a data table. Whereas what he / customer is looking for is to merge all the data from different sheets into one data table whe...
over 8 years ago in Spotfire / Custom Expressions 2 Future Consideration

Python notebook support

Hi Team It will be really useful to add IDE support to spotfire. It will greatly increase usability of python within spotfire.
almost 4 years ago in Spotfire / Analytics 0 Future Consideration

Data function parameters 'all data' option when data limited using marking

Data function parameters can be limited using markings but not all the options we are used to with data limiting on visualizations are available. I especially miss a 'if no data is marked use all data' option.
over 3 years ago in Spotfire / Data Functions 1 Future Consideration

Include "Lines and Curves" lines in Axis scale changes(Log Scale)

When I have a line from lines and curves and change the y-Axis to use a log scale, the line isn't included in the scale and is most often no longer visible. Why not include lines in the scale when dealing with log scales?
over 7 years ago in Spotfire / Analytics 0 Future Consideration

Control whether data functions execute when Spotfire initially opens when set to refresh automatically

There is often a need to control the order of running of data functions, or to only run a data function when inputs have changed. Another common use case is to automate these data functions through Automation services. Typically this can be contro...
about 3 years ago in Spotfire / Data Functions 0 Future Consideration

Add auto-retry on failed data function call in case of 401/500 error from statsvc

Problem: If Statistics services returns 401 or 500 error (that happens often enough for our users), current behavior of Webplayer (10.3) is to just fail. Usually it is enough to do manual retry, or do analysis F5 refresh but that is inconvenient f...
over 3 years ago in Spotfire / Data Functions 0 Future Consideration