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Status Implemented
Product Spotfire
Categories Data Access
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 6, 2016
Merged idea
This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit SPF-I-332 Edit Data Transformations.

Ability to delete some/all transformations. Merged


User able to delete some/all transformation that have been applied to a data table in Spotfire Client.


Users can only modify transformations by going to Edit -> Data Table Properties -> Refresh Data -> With Prompt. However, the transformation cannot be completely deleted. Users want to have the ability to delete transformations. This is useful when the data transformation is no longer needed.


There is option to delete all transformation that have been applied to a data table.
1. Click on File.
2. Select Replace Data Tables option.
3. Select data table which you want to replace.
4. Select source to replace.
5. Add transformation if you need or if you don’t want any transformation leave it blank.
6. Click on ok button.

But user wants to delete transformation in different circumstances for example:

1. If the data is embedded and the user is not able to locate the original file, the transformation is again not being able to remove.

2. When several transformations have been applied, for example, the users first applies pivot and applies normalization, then the above method will remove all transformations. Thus, if the user only wants to remove normalization, he/she is still not able to achieve this in an easy way (although he/she can remove everything and add pivot transformation back, it is not very user-friendly).

Implemented in 7.9