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Status Implemented
Product Spotfire
Categories Custom Expressions
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 31, 2016

change Insert Column Pop-up frame size.

the reason is can't have a glance,if column count is too much and column name is too long.

Implemented in 7.13
    Jun 29, 2018

    This is fixed in the Spotfire 7.13 web client Business Author. It's in our direction to add this to Spotfire Analyst as well. You can already use it if you go into edit mode of the add columns operation in Spotfire Analyst.

    Adding data to your analysis by inserting columns (joins) is a core part of data preparation. With Spotfire 7.13 now available you now have the alternative to add columns by using Spotfire's web client Business Author in addition to the Windows client Spotfire Analyst. This means more users will be able to do their visual data discovery in their web browser without installing Spotfire's Windows client. If you discover issues with your joins while using any of the clients you can also edit them.

    A new user interface based on Spotfire's recent Add Rows UI makes it really easy to understand the different join methods through illustrations. The result is previewed before finishing the edit. The UI is also smart. For example, it shortlists and recommends id and categorical columns that share name and datatype. This makes it quicker to find the columns you are most probably looking for.

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