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Status Unlikely to implement
Product Spotfire
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 21, 2016

Removing node manager archived logs over a period

Whenever node manager service updated and migrated (due to package installation), it creates new instance ID and archives all the logs as zip file. It never deletes the archived file by default. Consider if Spotfire is running with debug logs enabled and 20+ files enabled per log file with each sized 10 MB, Spotfire will create lots of logs during operation. If update service archives all the logs, it consumes lots of disk space as it archives all the logs with that instance ID. This needs to be cleanup manually every time. If Tibco can enable auto cleanup, it will be helpful for system administrators. 

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  • Admin
    Miguel Díez
    Sep 27, 2022

    Hi Nandhakumar,

    We do not consider that it is a good idea to automatically remove logs after an update. That is something that you normally want to manage after the update has been completed. If managing multiple environments, that is something that can be better automated based on your specific needs, using common configuration management tools or scripts.

    For normal operation, you can configure log policy and log retention using log4j or log4net configuration files.