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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 17, 2020

Create a user interactive Case Selection Node or enhance Set Case States node

We would specifically benefit from allowing end users to select either specific cases or specific codes interactively during workspace execution. Based on the selected cases or codes some basic actions could be taken, like filtering the spreadsheet based on the selected cases, set a case state, or label those cases.

The user interactivity is particularly important for some instances where a formula or pattern cannot be used to select the desired cases, and the user wants the option to choose which cases are selected for the next action.

An alternative enhancement would be to allow multiple codes for a variable using the Set Case State node. The Select Code prompt can be exposed to the user with the User View, but it is currently limited to allowing only one code to be selected. Setting case states can help prepare those chosen cases for further analysis (Subsetting, filtering, grouping, etc.).

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