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Ability to manage permissions for exporting data to file

Add the ability to manage permissions independently for exporting data from visualizations (yellow highlight) and from Data tables (Red Highlight). The ability to export data table can sometimes override default filtering, including some row level...
8 days ago in Spotfire / Export 0 To be Reviewed

Liveview: Deleting rows via the Query method should have the option not to publish the delete through the publish path

Normally using an Alert Rule: Delete Rows Action you trim a data table size normally of old rows that are outside the zone of interest (i.e not part of any active queries/caches). However the Delete Query method triggered by the alert rule is stil...
1 day ago in Spotfire Streaming 0 To be Reviewed

Fit Distribution should include Anderson-Darling test without assumed parameters

Add the Anderson-Darling (AD) test without assumed parameters into the Fit Distribution module and/or workspace node. This way we could use the AD statistics to quickly rank and decide the best distribution to use for our regular reports. As it st...
about 1 month ago in Spotfire Statistica 0 Future Consideration

Improve metadata loading performance in the Google BigQuery connector

When a user has access to many projects with many tables in Google BigQuery it may take a long time to list all the tables when configuring a connection in Spotfire. This is somewhat mitigated by turning of the setting Connectors > Google BigQu...
7 days ago in Spotfire / Data Access 0 Future Consideration

ironpython api reference documentation in python

The API documentation to understand parameters and methods are in C# and is not python friendly. Is it possible to have another comprehensive resource just like it but in python?
9 days ago in Spotfire / API 0 Future Consideration

Streaming should support Mac arm64 processors for development on Mac

Streaming currently only supports macosx_x86_64 for development t on Mac. New generations of Mac dont have intel chips. Support is required natively for arm64 chips (macosx_arm64) There are workarounds but native support should be provided
5 days ago in Spotfire Streaming 0 To be Reviewed

Show values on mouse hover on Range Filters

when the values in a range filters are very few (1 or 2) then becomes difficult to see what values we have in this range, unless we move the sliders bar to the exact position
9 days ago in Spotfire / Filters 0 Future Consideration
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Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Online Files access

Our company has migrated to Office 365 SharePoint. Neither the Spotfire OData connector or Infomatix SharePoint Connector can connect to Office 365 SharePoint. They only work with on-premise implementations. We created workarounds to import ShareP...
about 7 years ago in Spotfire / Data Access 52 Future Consideration

Support simultaneous working on same Spotfire file as e.g. in Google suite

This might be limited to Business Authors as it would most probably not work in the client. Idea would be to be able to truly simultaneously collaborate on the same Spotfire analysis as you know it from Google Docs or Office 365. This would includ...
6 months ago in Spotfire / Library 0 Future Consideration

Please add the ability to assign deployment areas by group not only to the Administration Console but also to the Administration Manager.

Please add the ability to assign deployment areas by group not only to Administration console but also to Administration manager. Long-time Spotfire users are accustomed to operate Administration manager and would like to be able to assign deploym...
6 days ago in Spotfire / System Administration 0 Future Consideration