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GUI interface for OVER expressions

OVER expressions are extremely powerful since they can achieve the same slicing and dicing of data which you can achieve using pivot transformations but in are more interactive way operating on subsets of data tables. At the same time most users w...
4 days ago in Spotfire / Custom Expressions 0 Future Consideration

Notify the user who created a sample when the sample status is set to needs complete, approved, or requiring revision

On page 17 of this document,, In 6. Email notification can be sent to designated users whenever a sample is marked as Complete, Approv...
about 15 hours ago in Spotfire Statistica 0 To be Reviewed

Increase Zooming details

Currently, the zooming ability in maps of Spotfire is not sufficient : we have 1 point per square meter. We would like to be able to zoom further to separate those points.
about 18 hours ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 To be Reviewed

Web Traffic Template

Maybe it's existing but i couldn't find it. Would it be possible to create a Web Traffic Template that could read directly basic data from Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics? Like analyzing bounce rate, new visitors, total visits, conversions etc...
about 18 hours ago in Spotfire / Learning 0 To be Reviewed

Editable Public Bookmarks in WebPlayer

Adding the option to allowing end-users to edit public bookmark could help to make the overall experience with bookmark more interactive.
about 18 hours ago in Spotfire / Bookmarks 0 To be Reviewed

Grand Total Bar

Adding the option to display a Grand total bar in Bar Chart Properties could help to quickly visualize overall data without having to create a separate Chart.
about 18 hours ago in Spotfire / Visualization 0 To be Reviewed

Page Numbers on Powerpoint Exports

Good Day, Numerous users require page numbers on the slides exported from Spotfire to Powerpoint. Currently, there is no option to have this added in. Please can you review and possibly add in this functionality.
21 days ago in Spotfire / Export 0 Future Consideration

Add connection parameter for Apache Spark SQL connector

Request Provide input for optional connection parameters for Apache Spark SQL connector (see attached .png). Background Apache Spark SQL connector is used to connect Databricks into Spotfire. Connecting to Databricks catalog and databases works as...
2 days ago in Spotfire / Data Access 0 To be Reviewed

User data / comments in the web-client

We have several use cases where users want to add comments into a data table. (Example, give an SME the ability to mark a value in a chart and then modify a value (be it a comment or correct a value) and save that into the Analysis.
2 days ago in Spotfire / API 0 To be Reviewed

Searchable data canvas

Add functionality to search/query the data canvas (possible with AI). Examples: "Where does column X come from. " Result would be a a list of all the transformation from raw data source till the output.
3 days ago in Spotfire / Actions 0 To be Reviewed