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Created on Jan 21, 2022

Web Data Entry: Allow entering revisions based on role and not for a specific user

At the moment, if an entered sample needs revision and is set to status "Requires Revision" by an Approver/Admin, only the initial data enterer is able to enter the change. This person might not be available in a reasonable time frame, leaving the sample data unapproved/unusable for that time. A colleague with same role and access to the data source should be able to enter the revision.

A user with HEDIT right is able to edit the data, but this role should be strictly separated and an admin with this right will not be have access to the data to be entered.

The role-based correction was actually doable in Statistica 13.5, but was recognized as a defect by TIBCO and fixed with HF07for 13.5 and in Statistica 14. This caused unforeseen problems for customers.

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  • Guest
    Jan 31, 2022

    In order to consider this request more carefully, would it be possible to define specific use cases and clear delineations between roles and permissions?

    The permission structure in Statistica Enterprise in general and Web Data Entry in particular is the result of careful consultation over many years with numerous customers who are using these capabilities to support validated (GxP) manufacturing operations. Therefore, any changes to existing permissions generally are considered high-risk as they may affect existing validated installations and documentation (SOP's, test cases, risk assessments, quality certifications).

    However, of course we want to support all important use cases relevant to this functionality, and can consider accommodating this idea/request with a new permission. In order to do so, additional clarifications would be useful (required) regarding the specific use case(s) to be supported, and the requested new permissions (combinations of permissible tasks/actions to be performed by the new role), etc.

    Any changes and augmentations to permissions in the TIBCO Statistica Enterprise system require careful considerations and risk analyses, as required by TIBCO QMS and other applicable policies (as well as applicable requirements for ISO9001 compliance).