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Created on Nov 1, 2016

Use Tomcat Clustering/Session Replication

Tomcat actually has a native solution for clustering

A customer of mine has tested the approach on their test 7.6 collective and it appears to work – They were able to start a session logged into the cluster, run an analysis file, stop the Server associated with my user session (not the node) and see the session transition to the other server without much noticeable user impact (there’s a slight delay while it says it’s attempting to recover the lost connection).

The customer thinks that adding true clustering without requiring a load balancer doing sticky sessions, is relatively simple to deliver using the Tomcat clustering capability

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  • Guest
    Mar 12, 2018

    Hi, is there any staus regarding this. It would be very nice feature, to obtain real cluster, not sticky... When maintain servers it´s not nice that users are logged out every time a server goes offline...