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Product Spotfire
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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 21, 2017
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Ability to check-in / check-out elements directly from Spotfire Analyst Merged

It would be very useful to source control various elements of what an analyst do in Spotfire.

For example

- Data functions (R Scripts)

- templates (DXP)

- data files

- color Schemes

- informations links / columns / filters / data sources etc...


The current library export/import isn't very convenient and standard SVN check-in / check out would be great.

Implemented in 12.0
    Jul 12, 2022


    I'm happy to announce that library version history has been implemented in Spotfire 12.0 LTS.

    You can now browse saved analysis versions and go back to any previously saved version (either to restore the version, or to save a previous version as a new file) in the Spotfire library.

    Version history reduces the need to redo work if mistakes are made, facilitates collaboration and troubleshooting, and provides change traceability.

    Version history is available, not only for analysis files, but for all the visible Spotfire library items, like data sources, data functions, color schemes, SBDF files, mods, automation service jobs, etc.

    This means that, if you are working in teams, it is easier to work together on different parts of the same analysis, tracking changes and resolving conflicts for each separate part on its own, if you choose to work this way.

    For more information, see the What's new in Spotfire 12.0 LTS and the release notes and product documentation.


  • Guest
    Jun 29, 2017

    you touch a huge point Chia-Yui, I completely agree.


    It's not just about teams collaboration where you have this problem.  Even a single analyst may want to take two (or more...) existing templates (from community, from his own library...) and use them together in a single analysis file. this is really impossible today and the copy/paste of pages is limited to use cases where you have exactly the same data sources, and also crashes quite a lot.


    So I think there are two use cases you are alluding to :

    1) team collaboration within the same DXP

    2) ability to merge or import multiple DXPs.

  • Guest
    Jun 29, 2017

    It would also be useful to allow more than one user to work on different elements (e.g. pages) within the same dxp.

    E.g. I've worked in teams where we work simultaneously to build a POC for a customer. We use the same data set, but have to work on our own dxp. Once we have our work done, it's very hard to "merge" our work into one single dxp so that it can be demo-ed off one laptop. We have to manually drag pages across dxps and when pages have text areas with controls, it's impossible to copy/transfer those to another dxp without creating the text area almost from scratch.

    It'd be nice if each user can create pages in an analysis and then "check in" those pages into the analysis while some else is working on the other pages in the same analysis. Similarly, one could "check out" a page(s) and check it back in again. Others won't be able to edit a "checked out" page. There should also be some locking mechanism on the data tables to prevent edit while people are collaborating on one analysis.