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Product Spotfire
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 22, 2018

Multiple marking to get data into detailed data on demand visualization which uses stored procedure as source

when you are working with the huge data sets. we usually built two visualizations in a page. one as base visualization and other as detailed visualization liked to base visualization. base visualization is data connected to information link and the detailed visualization is on demand data which is pulled from another information link which uses stored procedures.

Scenario: When an item is marked in the base table, the detail visualization should show the details for that item using the parameters passed from base visualization to detailed visualization. it is working properly if one item is selected in the base visualization. but if multiple items are marked in base visualization, it is failing to pass all the parameters (in an array) to the detail visualization and hence only the details related to one marking is showed again.

if we replace the stored procedure with a regular table as a data source for the on demand visualization(detailed), the multiple marking works fine.

please implement this multiple marking functionality for stored procedures too.

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