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Product Spotfire
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 13, 2018

Ability to change column name in an information link

I am having a problem renaming a column in an information link to be effective in a Spotfire analysis.
To be more precise, i created an information link in which there is a join between 2 tables. This join results in adding 2 columns to my pincipal table. The problem is that those 2 columns have the same name that 2 other columns. Spotfire solves this issue by adding a "(2)" at the end the columns name.
But i would like to put another name. My idea was to change it directly in the SQL code. Unfortunately, you can not alter the name of a column (the AS-part of SELECT xxx AS yyy).


You can change the column name from Edit -> Column Properties and select the column you want the name change. The name can be changed in the General tab under Name field.

Problem with Workaround:

This solution is nice, but i am not entirely satisfied with it.
The reason is that changing a column name this way, make me do it in each template using this information link. And more, it could mean that in new version of Spotfire, this parameter won't be taken in charge. So i would have to change all the column names in all my templates.
Also today i am working with 2 columns name to change, but i could have 50 another time. Yet, today i am the one working on it, but in the future it could be someone else.

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