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Created on Oct 24, 2018

Ability to backup private bookmarks by users

Tibco Spotfire is one of our primary reporting tools using which we present multiple reports for business analytics.

Recently we encountered an issue where, after we performed migration of a report from the Development environment to Production environment, the private bookmarks created by users on the Production report were lost.

The reason for this was simultaneous transactions due to which a deadlock situation occurred in the Oracle database and hence transactions were rolled back. Only public bookmarks remained unaffected. 

Our users depend on the use of private bookmarks for their day to day activities and the loss of such could result in enormous re-work.

A useful feature which is currently non existent on Tibco Spotfire would be the ability to backup all private bookmarks by each user from his or her own system. 

The only way to retrieve bookmarks right now is to take backup of Spotfire DB. But even doing this could risk the present state of the dashboard.

So, I recommend you look into the following two ideas:

1. Feature to backup private bookmarks by each user for easy re-use and retrieval.

2. In case of bookmark loss, an easier way to locate and retrieve it instead of having to work with Spotfire DB

3. A log table on Oracle where the current transactions can be queried to find if there is any active transaction that could be affected by starting a new activity.

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