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Created on Aug 8, 2019

Allow columns that are not primary keys as key columns for linked data like Tags

Hi All:


Currently, I need to create a primary key column (a column with one unique value per row) in a Spotfire data table in order to link data like tags. For many situations, this is not ideal. We often have tables with columns that are not primary keys and we still want to tag them or add other linked data to them. My recommendation would be that each tag can be linked to any data column in a data table and that tags are applied across all rows with the same value in the data column.


For example:


In the data table below, I have Students and Missed Classes. I want to add a tag for the students and a tag for the classes: like so:


Student      Missed Classes          Tag_Student_Will_Need_To_Catch_Up        Tag_Class_Is_Needed_For_Graduation

Mike             English 101                 Yes  (GPA < 3.0)                                                           Yes

Mike             English 101                 Yes  (GPA < 3.0)                                                           Yes 

Mike             Math 102                     Yes  (GPA < 3.0)                                                            Yes 

Mike             Art 110                          Yes (GPA < 3.0)                                                             No

Susan           English 101                  No (GPA > 3.0)                                                              Yes 

Susan           Art 220                           No (GPA > 3.0)                                                              No


Currently, I need to add one more table for students and one more table for classes and then I can tag there and copy the data into the Student_Missed_Classes table. That is a lot of "Data Magic" for Spotfire users that are not familiar with relational tables. It would be much easier to allow linking tags to specific data columns and allow for one tag across all data rows with the same value in those data columns.

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