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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 21, 2019

More details in action log for Information Links

The new(ish) action logging for data connections is excellent - we can easily see from a single record what type of database was used, the specific database, how long the query took and how much data was returned.

Extracting similar data for Information links is awkward and sometimes not possible. The information link path and ID is logged to action log, so in theory you can retrieve the database details from those - but (a) it involves awkward queries and (b) it isn't possible if the information link has been removed from the library (or any of a range of other scenarios where something has been edited/deleted). Also, information link logging captures the amount of data in MB rather than the number of rows.

It would be great if every time an information link was executed we got a single entry in action log with the same sort of details as we get for data connections - database type, url, SQL, duration and number of rows.


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