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Created on Feb 28, 2020

Show No Items if No Related Items Found Based on Current Marking w/Related Tables

I'd like an option for Spotfire to show no items in a details visual if "Limit data using markings" is set to "Rows must be included in: All Markings (AND)", and an item(s) is marked in a master visual(s) that does not relate to any of the items in the details visual.

This situation can happen when working with master and details visuals that use different related tables.

Currently what happens in this scenario is that the user marks an item in the master visual that is not related, and the details visual that is set to limit data using markings continues to show all of the items, as opposed to showing no items.


"Visual 1" has Data Table = "Table 1" and Marking = "Marking 1", and "Visual 2" has Data Table = "Table 2", Marking = "Marking 2", and Limit data using markings set to "Marking 1" with Rows must be included in: "All markings (AND)".

"Table 1" and "Table 2" are setup with a relation on "Column A_Table 1" = "Column A_Table2" and the marking in "Visual 1" is properly limiting the data in "Visual 2" to "Item A" from "Column 1_Table2" when "Item A" from "Column A_Table 1" is marked in "Visual 1". However "Item B" in "Column A_Table 1" does not exist in "Column A_Table 2", when "Item B" is marked in "Visual 1" then "Visual 2" displays all items.

The preferred functionality in this scenario would be for "Visual 2" to show no items and/or a message like "No items/rows found based on current marking".

If other users currently prefer the way it functions now, then it would be nice to have a new option for defining how to handle this scenario. Currently there is only a way to define what to display if "no items are marked in the master visualizations", but in this scenario something is marked, it is just no related value(s) exist in the details visual data table.

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