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Status Likely to implement
Product Spotfire
Categories Scheduled Updates
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 23, 2020

Schedule time zone picker should have standard timezones listed.

Automation and Scheduled updates time zone picker has to be reworked

to support timezones not only by city names, but by standard timezone name and/or UTC offset.


Imagine the following use-case. You need to set schedule according to Boston. However, there is no Boston mentioned in list of cities - because not all cities are mentioned.

Ok, you know that Boston is in EDT timezone. But there is no EDT time zone in the list.

Ok, you know that it is UTC-4 - but there is no UTC offset in time zones.

Next step you take is to find another city in the EDT time zone. Ok, Indianapolis? Nope. Maybe Washington DC? Nope, even a capital is not listed. After multiple iterations of googling cities that do belong to EDT you end up with finding at least Detroit in the list of available cities.

Googling time zone cities and trying them all at random - is not a sane workflow to set up a schedule.


  • Add popular known timezones to the list. (EDT, EST, and so on)

  • Add regular UTC/GMT offset timezones (UTC+8, UTC-2, and so on)


It will be possible to set up time zone without doing weird workarounds.

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