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Status Implemented
Product Spotfire
Categories Automation Services
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 12, 2020

Run Data Function from Automation Services

Sometimes need a data function to run on latest data and be cached, but also do not want DF to be set to "Refresh Automatically". There is no option to do this unless an IronPython script is created to run certain data functions on DXP load, and then cache that in Scheduled Updates. Would be more helpful to just have AS run specific DF's from a job

Implemented in 12.3
    Mar 10, 2023

    Starting with Spotfire 12.3, Execute Data Function is available as a task in Automation Service Job Builder. This task enables running and completing a data function before performing later tasks and also enables chaining executions and completions of multiple data functions in a predetermined sequence in an automated job.

    Learn more about what's new in Spotfire 12.3

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