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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Mobile
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 14, 2021

Improve Responsive Design

Spotfire needs improvements in responsive design to adopt usage on mobile phones and tablets and maybe embedded devices.

The idea is mainly something like: user creates a report with all visualisations, then enables multiple layouts for web, tablet, phone etc.

The layout now 'splits' up like a tree design - it should be avoided that the complete report needs to be designed multiple times!

This could look like:

The user can change the layout for each device type based on the general layout. The interface for this is already given, just needs a switch for the layout versions.

Each version may also include changing single visualisations completely (e.g. bar chart to line chart because phone is not suitable for many bar charts). Maybe the background color changes slightly for the visuals that have changes compared to main version.

If user goes back to the main dashboard and makes changes here, changes should probably be reflected in the sub-designs; maybe creator can select if changes should be applied or default back to the root design… it would be a bit more then several layers.

Also the design of the visualisations might change automatically by device. e.g. something like automatic removal of labels, gridlines, background images and similar. Smaller devices should not be cluttered with too many details. There might be a simple setting if the creator wants to avoid this automatic switch.

I think this is an urgent step as many competitors are far ahead.

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