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Status Unlikely to implement
Product Spotfire
Created by Guest
Created on May 18, 2021

Make Spotfire Audit Logs available to consume in Snowflake

In Spotfire 7.8 the audit logs are on an oracle server and we can pull that data to write queries in Snowflake and it runs much faster and can handle much more logic than info links.

We would like to be able to consume the audit logs into our Snowflake environment, or at least be able to copy it down nightly to our network and then into Snowflake to create and run queries much faster!

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  • Guest
    Jun 17, 2021

    That sounds great, all I'm really looking for is a read only account to the oracle db these are stored in and our team could just pull that data into our Snowflake environment on an hourly basis or something. But this should work as well.

  • Admin
    Miguel Díez
    Jun 16, 2021

    Hi Kyle,

    As you know, you can use logfiles or database for the action logs. Besides Oracle and MS SQL, we do support also PostgreSQL to be used as action logs database. We support respective implementations in major cloud service providers as well.

    We understand anyhow that customers want to use many different tools to analyze audit, application logs or system logs. Unfortunately, there are many different databases and we cannot support redirecting output to each of them.

    Therefore, what we plan is instead to collect all these logs (action logs, application log, system log) and make them available in a standard log forwarded to forward the logs to the destination and format of their choice.