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Status Unlikely to implement
Product Spotfire
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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 9, 2021

eliminate restriction of multiple services on one single server

For services below, there is an system requirement that forbids service being install together with other services.

  • Web Player

Important: Do not install the Spotfire Web Player on a node that contains other services, such as the TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R - Server Edition. Doing so can cause the services to become unresponsive.

  • TERR Service

Important: Do not install TERR™ Server Edition (TERR service) on a node with other Spotfire services.

  • Python Service

Important: Do not install Spotfire Service for Python on a node with other Spotfire services

I understand this is necessary, especially for performance concerns.

However due to the fact that many customers only need a small deployment and number of users are small, they wouldn't prepare 1 server for each service because it cost too much for both hardware and management.

So in order to make it easier for customer to implement a fully functional spotfire environment (especially for a small business) , please remove these restriction and make it "recommendation" if possible.

Currently many customers have deployed all services(WP/AS/TERR/Python) in a single server and they work fine monstly but sometimes some of them don't work,(e.g. Python service start failed). TIBCO support rejects such cases because it doesn't match the system requirements. Of course that totally makes sense, howerver I still would like to ask if these restrictions can be removed.

Many thanks.

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  • Admin
    Miguel Díez
    Sep 15, 2021

    Hi Wei,

    We understand your concern.

    It is OK to install different services on the same host for simple testing purposes, but we do not recommend this for production systems.

    The reason are that each service is listed with some system resources recommendations (e.g.: RAM mem), and services may require additional configuration for setting not colliding service ports or CPU affinity.

    Regarding "it cost too much for both hardware and management":

    • Note that due services sizing, if using just one server, you would need to add up the requirements for each service as if they were in separate boxes so the costs would be very similar.

    • You can automate Spotfire deployment with silent scripting or other configuration management tools. See some examples here:

    In the end, most of the times it is much easier to set up different hosts for each specialized service instead of try to configure the services to work in an isolated way within the same host.