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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Data Functions
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 17, 2021

Need UI checkbox to configure data functions to run in Synchronous mode

Data function can be executed Synchrnously from API but there is no UI controls in data function configuration window to enable this option!
As a normal user, I want to create a data function and I need it to execute synchronously ... today there is no way to achieve what I want other than creating the data function with AutoRefresh option to FALSE, then writing an Iron Python code to search for my function and run it in Sync mode!

The above works if I know my data function but if I get a template that has too many data functions developed by another user, I do not necessary know which one to synchronously or not!

There should be a new check box (Run in Sync Mode) in the configuration window (similar to Auto Refresh option) to enable synchronous execution.

This is becoming very critical since we have advanced tools that automatically loops on templates and exports the visuals into PDF/PPT/WORD/HTML Formats ... having data functions executing in Async mode, causes the generated reports to be incorrect since this advanced tool does not know necessarly the structure of the template it process! so data functions do not execute on time and the exported reports become wrong.Cancel

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