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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Installation
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 7, 2022

minor upgrade support (e.g. 11.4.5 to 11.4.6)

The current upgrade process mentioned in TIBCO documentation is the same as a full installation as it installs a new version without retaining library/configurations of the current version.

This process also happens to be the same for major upgrades (e.g.: 10.10.2 to 11.4.5) and minor upgrades (e.g.: 11.4.5 to 11.4.6).

We provided a workaround to compensate for the lack of a complete upgrade solution via a mechanism that performs a backup on the current version and restores it after the new version is installed.

This is a time consuming and costly operation, which is not feasible for frequent minor upgrades.

Our requirement is that TIBCO provide a process to support upgrade from a lower version to a higher version instead of a fresh install, with minimal downtime and with library/configurations retained.

A ticket with Case Id-02091409 already exists for this requirement.

For a minor upgrade, we want a solution to upgrade node manager and server packages.

This would allow customers of Spotfire enterprise solution to upgrade to latest packages frequently without major impacts.

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