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Product Spotfire
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Created on Aug 10, 2022

Marking as precondition for Cloud Action in Spotfire

Our typical use cases for Cloud Actions is based on certain data is marked in the visualization and for this data the Cloud Action should be triggered.

In this context is would be important, if a Cloud Action button/context menu could be disabled/greyed out and cannot be triggered unless some data in the visualization is marked. Or a message should be shown "Please mark data to trigger action for this data".

Implemented in 12.5
    Aug 9, 2023

    New in Spotfire 12.5:
    During configuration of a data view parameter of an external action, you will now see information about any existing row limits directly in the Configure action flyout. When triggering an action, you will be prevented from running it if the number of rows are not within the specified row limit range. Additionally, an action that works on marked data can be grayed out until some data is marked, guiding the user to trigger the action in the right context.

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