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Product Spotfire
Categories Data Management
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 30, 2022

Data Tables Associations with Primary - Foreign Keys

Multiple tables should be joined with Primary - Foreign Keys concept. So Spotfire can calculate measures from one table and visualise dimensions from other associated table.

This is concept to improve data redundancy and hence application performance.

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  • Admin
    Arnaud Varin
    Feb 3, 2023

    Thank you Ahmed.
    Have you tried to set the display value for the Add_id column to the city_name from the Address tables? This is have from the data in analysis flyout. See screenshot

  • Guest
    Feb 3, 2023

    Hi @Arnaud,

    Take this scenario. I have two data tables in one Spotfire Application.

    Table 1 Customers

    C_id | C_name | Add_id

    Table 2 Address

    Add_id | city_name

    • Relation created Address.Add_id = Customer.Add_id in the Data > Data Tables Properties

    • We don't want to join the two tables. The Customer table very long and Address table very wide.

    • I want to build a bar chart (or other aggregated visualisation) to show city_name on X axis and number of customers in Y axis.

    • Currently we cannot achieve this even though the 2 tables associated with primary / foreign key add_id.

    compared with other BI tools this is very easy can be achieved. Can you advise how this can be created in Spotfire without joining / merging the two tables?


  • Admin
    Arnaud Varin
    Jan 16, 2023

    Hello Ahmed. Thank you for submitting this idea.

    When adding multiple tables from a relational database, Spotfire creates the data tables associations based on the database foreign keys. And there is also the data table relations that you can create manually between data tables (Data > Data Table Properties).

    Is your request about being able to select multiple related tables and have Spotfire create the relations between them while keeping them separate, without importing columns from one to another?