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Product Spotfire
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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 2, 2023

Integrate a GPT model(ChatGPT) for operating Spotfire

My idea is to integrate the ChatGPT (GPT-3) model, which is currently a hot topic, into Spotfire. In Japan, many users are using Spotfire, but to enhance the proficiency of beginners, there is a need for an interactive teacher who can help solve problems tailored to the end user's needs, such as how to create graphs or implement ironpython, by asking questions to GPT.

For some other products beginners can easily search and research various operating methods online, but this is harder for Spotfire. I believe that integrating a GPT model into Spotfire could help bridge this gap.

In particular, Spotfire’s value is known for its interactive and immersive experiences. The ability to ask questions, solve problems, and continue analyzing without leaving Spotfire is the very value of Spotfire.

Although Spotfire currently has support functions through Augmented AI, I believe that integrating the GPT model, which is changing the world, would be a significant advantage.

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  • Guest
    Oct 19, 2023
    I would like for this to be able to walk a beginner through what they want to do. I'm not a computer scientist, I'm a wet lab biologist, and I'm trying to use Spotfire to visualize my data. I see you all making amazing visualizations but when you go live there's a hundred clicks and there's no way I'll know what to do to replicate that workflow. I know I can take my data, do a few simple calculations (subtract background, normalize to control, etc), and make some simple graphs in Excel very quickly (I can have the result to my boss within an hour!) But if I try using Spotfire for something so simple, I end up spending days. I end up with all sorts of fun things but not the actual thing I wanted. Sometimes I have to make selections and I'm really not sure which to pick because it's using statistics or programming terminology that I'm not familiar with. I really need a dummy version. Especially with calculations - for example, my boss often wants things in terms of z scores and I have no idea if it how to do that in Spotfire. Thanks!
  • Guest
    May 28, 2023

    Now some guys are use the data function to do so:

    I hope TIBCO will embed the GPT feature in the next LTS release. The other BI company may also try integrating GPT into their software.

  • Guest
    Mar 21, 2023

    Language model should be able to:

    • Generate pseudo-code for Spotfire specific language - e.g., Custom Expression, IronPython API, Mods.

    • Automate visualization config setting - e.g., apply Marking, adjust line width - based on users' chat query.

    • Answer admin related issues, by fine-tuning model with existing manual, Community posts and KB articles.