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Product Spotfire
Categories Data Access
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 13, 2023

Redirect the Information Link connection between Spotfire Sites

We are using two different sites in two different regions (Region A and Region B).

The Spotfire database is replicated and synchronized in the two regions.

When an information link has been created in site A, a url is produced with the site A server (e.g. tibcospotfire:server:http\://

Since we are using two sites, we would initially need the library items to produce two urls.

With the assumption that one Spotfire server is used per site, the above requirement would produce the following information link urls:

ulr1: tibcospotfire:server:http\://

url2: tibcospotfire:server:http\://

Then, when the Information Link loads data, it should redirect the DB connection url based on the site (i.e. when SpotfireServerInSiteB is used, the connection should be with the pre-configured DB instance in region B)

As an idea, the configuration could be in the "datasource configuration" with the option to associate Spotfire Servers with a "loading DB connection url":

Spotfire ServerA: connection url pointing to DB instance in region A

Spotfire ServerB: connection url pointing to DB instance in region B

The above enhancement would help us to minimize latency between the regions.


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  • Admin
    Magnus Rylander
    Oct 26, 2023

    Hi Tasos, thanks for submitting an Idea. It's a bit confusing with the URLs to the Spotfire library items (information link data sources), so I'd like you to clarify: do you want the URL to the database to be different depending on the Spotfire site?