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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Data Functions
Created by Guest
Created on May 24, 2024

Allow programmatic way to force Data Function to overwrite shared output table


Allow programmatic way to force Data Function output table overwrite, when said table is shared between multiple Data Functions.


Two Data Functions - function_one and function_two - write to the same output table - df_out - with the following options:

  • Replace existing data table enabled.

  • Allowed caching disabled.


Manually or programmatically running the Data Function doesn't overwrite the output table - e.g., if function_one was run first, executing function_two doesn't overwrite df_out.

The following does work:

  • Edit Parameters...

  • In Output tab, toggle the radio button between Create new data table and Replace existing data table, and pick the latter.

Per Spotfire Support team, [...]Spotfire framework for data functions will only allow one data function to write output of type "Table" to a particular data table.

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