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Multiple x-axis scales in trellis

No description provided
about 8 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 9 Future Consideration

Tibco should create a "Calendar" visualization type in Spotfire.

I always find myself struggling to find a good place to create calendar visualizations to add to presentations or project documents. In discussions with coworkers we came to the conclusion that this should absolutely be a chart-type in Spotfire. I...
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / Visualization 3 Future Consideration
300 VOTE

Full label customisation

Akin to the options available in most Excel charts, I would like to see a much larger number of options for labels (both axes and values) to include but not limited to: Positioning i.e. center, inside end and inside base (addresses issue in wat...
over 7 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 13 Future Consideration

combination of bar chart and scatter plot

One of our customers wants to have the ability to draw a combination of bar chart and scatter plot, e.g. bar chart is for showing the average, scatter plot is for showing all raw data. Regards, Wei Li
10 days ago in Spotfire / Visualization 0 Future Consideration

reduce sql statement length for data connection

Customer is facing error as below that indicates the length of SQL exceeds the limite by the database when loading data from Google BigQuery via connector/data connection. The query is too large. The maximum standard SQL query length is 1024.00K c...
10 days ago in Spotfire / Data Access 0 To be Reviewed

Parallel Data Loading via the API

Parallel Data Loading is a feature available from Spotfire 11.4. However, the parallell loading currently only happens when opening the .dxp file or when adding multip...
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / API 0 Future Consideration

Editable Public Bookmarks in WebPlayer

Adding the option to allowing end-users to edit public bookmark could help to make the overall experience with bookmark more interactive.
about 2 months ago in Spotfire / Bookmarks 3 Future Consideration

align value to the middle or bottom vertically in cross table

Customer is asking for the capability to align value to the middle or bottom vertically in cross table. Currently only row headers or column headers can be aligned vertically. Values are always aligned to the top.
20 days ago in Spotfire / Visualization 0 Future Consideration

TERR Data functions persistent session

It would be good if TERR data functions implement a mechanism to persist a TERR session. I mean, execute a TERR data function that receives data (massive data) and be able to persist that session so any other TERR data function would get access to...
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R 0 Future Consideration

Export managed as a right on resources

For a user (Consumer), the export right is global. For some sensitive data, Export should be forbiden from the dashboard for some Consumers, but alloed for some consumers with a specivic license. But the export should remain possible for dashboard...
about 1 year ago in Spotfire / Library 1 Future Consideration