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Disable export of data table from File Menu

Hi Team, Spotfire version:- 14.0.2 We have identified below options are available in Spotfire report File Menu in both Analyst and web player. These options allow users to export the entire table used in the analysis report. 1.File > Export >...
5 days ago in Spotfire / Export 0 To be Reviewed

Sort Nested Bars by Value in Category Axis

It would be great to be able to sort the nested bars by value in visualizations that support a Bar Chart (BarChart/CombinationChart classes). Having a nested categorical X-Axis, looking to have the bars in descending/ascending order by value for e...
2 days ago in Spotfire / Visualization 0 To be Reviewed

Request support for various versions of Linux OS

Customers have an increasing variety of OS choices, but the requirements suggested by Spotfire are somewhat restrictive. In the case of Amazon Linux, its internal engine is based on Red Hat, yet it is not supported, which customers find difficult ...
3 days ago in Spotfire / System Administration 0 To be Reviewed

Add USA Township and Range Feature Layers

Currently, Spotfire has built-in state and county feature layers. Request adding township and range feature layers.
3 days ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 To be Reviewed

Auto-size Row Height in Table vizualizations

We are using the Spotfire table visualization to report out notes/comments, and it would be really convenient if the row heights of the table visualization auto-sized/auto-fit based on the amount of text data within the table.
4 days ago in Spotfire / Visualization 1 To be Reviewed

Ability to manage permissions for exporting data to file

Add the ability to manage permissions independently for exporting data from visualizations (yellow highlight) and from Data tables (Red Highlight). The ability to export data table can sometimes override default filtering, including some row level...
about 1 month ago in Spotfire / Export 0 Future Consideration

How to change bins in BoxPlot distribution view

I would like to be able to change the number of histogram bins that can be displayed on the y-axis of the boxplot.
4 days ago in Spotfire / Visualization 0 To be Reviewed

OKTA Integration with Spotfire

For OKTA integration with Spotfire, we are looking for similar functionality to that available in Statistica. The statistic doesn't need/require SCIM for the assignment of user rights/roles and allows for group claim information to be pulled from ...
17 days ago in Spotfire / System Administration 1 Future Consideration

Ability to call document properties in automation emails

We are looking to ask for an enhancement to the automation services to have the ability to add items like row counts into the emails. This will be useful to help with job services and daily runs to see if emails need to be assessed or not.
12 days ago in Spotfire / Automation Services 0 To be Reviewed

Add and move pages to arbitrary positions

When many pages are created, it is difficult to add a new page and move it to the desired position. Specifically, I will be creating around 50 to 100 pages, so manipulating the pages is difficult. For this reason, I would strongly prefer to see ...
12 days ago in Spotfire / User Experience 0 Future Consideration